Frequently Asked Questions about our Sauna and Wine Products and Custom Builds.

The links below provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Of course, we would be delighted to speak directly with you and look forward to answering all your questions.

Sauna System FAQs

Can you build me a custom sauna?2022-01-28T13:08:30-05:00

Yes, we build custom saunas for clients every day.

What is the warranty?2022-01-28T13:08:17-05:00

Lifetime Limited Warranty

How do I decide where to place my sauna?2022-01-28T13:08:04-05:00

A sauna can go almost anywhere it will fit, on almost any type of surface – concrete, tile, laminate, etc. We suggest avoiding placing it on carpet.

What sort of ongoing maintenance is required?2022-01-28T13:07:51-05:00

To keep the inside clean, you should periodically scrub the floor or benches with a mild solution of water and baking soda.

What sort of electrical service is required?2022-01-28T13:07:39-05:00

Please refer to your installation manual.

How long will it take to heat up?2022-01-28T13:07:26-05:00

On average, a sauna will heat to 165F in 30-40 minutes and to 190F in less than 60.

How expensive is a sauna to operate?2022-01-28T13:07:12-05:00

Operational costs are negligible under normal use, much like the cost of a clothes dryer or electric oven.

How difficult is assembly?2022-01-28T13:06:59-05:00

All of the panel, ceiling, bench and end sections are pre-assembled at the factory, and all of the holes are pre-drilled for your convenience.  Generally two or three people can put a sauna together in a few hours.

What’s included with each sauna kit?2022-01-28T13:06:43-05:00

Baltic Leisure Pre-Cut sauna rooms come with everything you need for your sauna room: a heater, stones, a light, a bucket and ladle, and a thermometer. Optional accessories can be found in the Factory Store on our website.

What’s the difference between an electric and a wood-burning heater and which kind comes with my Baltic Leisure Sauna?2022-01-28T13:06:29-05:00

An electric heater is standard with every Baltic Leisure sauna. Wood-burning option are available for those who prefer this type of heater. A wood heater requires venting out the top or back of the room as well as an appropriate firewall around the heater.

Why is a traditional sauna experience considered good for your health?2022-01-28T13:06:16-05:00

The health benefits attributed to sauna usage include: improved circulation, lower blood pressure, enhanced immune system, respiratory relief, detoxification, burned calories, better skin tone, and joint and muscle pain relief.

How is a traditional sauna experience different than an infrared experience?2022-01-28T13:06:00-05:00

Technically, an infrared experience is not a sauna. Infrared does not warm the room but does penetrate the body with infrared rays, helpful in relieving sore joints and muscles. Whereas, a wet/dry traditional sauna is a total body experience, providing joint and muscle relief as well as a host of other health benefits

How are you supposed to take a sauna?2022-01-28T13:05:43-05:00

Traditionally, most saunas consist of a rotation cycle: dry, wet, dry, wet, etc., with cool downs in between cycles.

What is the difference between a wet and dry sauna experience?2022-01-28T13:05:26-05:00

A wet sauna experience results when you pour water over the heater rocks, thus producing steam (humidity). A dry sauna is the absence of any humidity.

What is a sauna?2022-01-28T12:52:21-05:00

A sauna is a room made from softwood and incorporates an electric heater or a wood-burning heater capable of reaching ≥ 190° Fahrenheit.

Steam System FAQs

How does the steam enter the room/shower?2022-01-28T13:11:39-05:00

Steam is piped from the generator through a 1/2″ copper line that connects to a steam outlet head(s) installed in the wall of the room typically located a minimum of 18″ above the floor, and should be in an area that minimizes potential bather contact. Multiple steam heads should be installed in large rooms for more even steam distribution.

Should I install an exhaust fan or special ventilation in the steam room / shower?2022-01-28T13:11:25-05:00

Ceiling vents inside the steam room are not recommended or necessary. Steam is quickly dissipated when you turn on the water to shower after ending your steam bath. If vents or exhaust fans are used, they must be installed with a vapor-tight seal and have a positive closing damper to prevent heat from escaping. Many people install an exhaust fan in the ceiling near the steam shower door to remove excess steam when the door is opened.

Does a steam room need to be insulated?2022-01-28T13:11:09-05:00

Insulation is highly recommended. Insulation in the walls and ceiling will make the room easier and more economical to heat. Also, insulated walls will reduce exterior noises from disrupting the tranquil environment inside the steam bath.

What is the best ceiling height for a steam room / shower?2022-01-28T13:10:55-05:00

The ideal ceiling height is 7′ to prevent uncomfortable temperature variations common in steam rooms with ceiling heights greater than 8′.

Can an existing shower be converted into a Steam Bath?2022-01-28T13:10:43-05:00

Virtually any shower space can be converted to a steam bath by adding an airtight door and totally enclosing the space to prevent steam from escaping. A qualified professional contractor should be consulted before starting the project.

How long does it take for my Steam Bath to heat up before it’s ready to be used?2022-01-28T13:10:29-05:00

Steam will begin flowing into the room within 4 to 6 minutes after the system is turned on. Depending on room material and other room construction variables, it should take an additional 10 to 20 minutes for the ambient room temperature to reach the desired temperature setting

Can Aromatherapy products be used in a Steam Bath?2022-01-28T13:10:10-05:00

Yes, steam baths are an excellent environment to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Fragrance oils enhance the steam bathing experience and provide additional relief when suffering from a cold or when your respiratory system is congested

What is the difference between a Steam Bath and a Sauna Bath?2022-01-28T13:09:57-05:00

The primary differences between steam and sauna baths are the temperature, humidity levels and room construction. Steam is a wet environment with temperatures usually in a range of 110 to 125 degrees F and relative humidity close to 100%. A sauna is a dry environment with temperatures ranging between 165 to 185 degrees F and low humidity levels of 10 to 20%. Sauna rooms feature walls and benches made of soft woods such as cedar, hemlock, alder or spruce, while steam baths require moisture resistant walls such as porcelain tile, marble, granite, travertine or acrylic material.

Wine Cellar System FAQs

What is the available temperature range on Baltic Leisure Wine Cellars?2022-01-28T13:13:40-05:00

The temperature range can be set between 55°F and 60°F.

Do storage levels in the a Wine Cellar affect the temperature?2022-01-28T13:13:27-05:00

It is always better to have the cellar well stocked. More mass controls the temperature better, preventing the compressor from running too frequently due to having to cool an excess volume of space.

How long should wine be cellared?2022-01-28T13:13:13-05:00

Some wine critics will include in wine’s review a “drinking window”, or range of years during which they predict the wine will be at its best. We recommend that you subscribe to one of these experts’ newsletters to help you in a selecting wines to buy and in determining how long to age them.

Typically, dry white wines don’t benefit much, if any, from aging (very fine Burgundy, Riesling, and Champagne are prominent exceptions). Nevertheless, it is wise to store them in a cellar to protect them from heat and light damage. Red wines are a different story. A fine, well-balanced red wine from a good vintage will usually improve with some age. Most very fine Cabernet Sauvignons, Bordeaux, Syrahs, Burgundys, Barolos, and Riogjas are made with the expectation that they will be allowed to age in order to reach their full potential.

What type of wine should be cellared?2022-01-28T13:13:02-05:00

Every wine will benefit from proper storage conditions. The appropriate length of storage depends on the grape varietal and the quality of the wine.

What are the proper temperature and humidity settings for storage wine?2022-01-28T13:12:49-05:00

In general, the temperature should be approximately 55° F (55° F to 60 ° F is adequate for red wines) and humidity between 60% and 75%. Sparkling wines and most white wines which generally develop at a faster rate than reds, can be stored at lower temperatures (45° F to 55° F) to slow the maturation and provide a longer “drinking window.”

Why are wine bottles stored horizontally?2022-01-28T13:12:33-05:00

Bottles are stored horizontally to keep corks moist and swollen. This prevents air from entering the bottle, thus avoiding oxidation.

What temperatures are best for serving wine?2022-01-28T13:12:21-05:00

In general, red wines should be served in the 55° F to 65° F range (depending on type). When served at temperatures above 68 degrees, red wine begins to taste monolithic and will have a warm, alcoholic aftertaste. White wines and Champagne are best served in the 40° F to 50 ° F ragnge (depending on the type). Too often white wines are served too cold, suppressing the flavors and richness of the wines.

It is recommended wine be served a little cooler and allowed to warm up and develop in the glass.

Does the glass door on our wine cellars offer protection against UV rays?2022-01-28T13:12:10-05:00

The standard glass used in wine cellars offers a 70% UV protections and the fluted glass offers 63%. The glass is the same type used in finer home window applications.

How do wine cellars protect my wines?2022-01-28T13:11:57-05:00

Baltic Leisure Wine Cellars have Thermo-Pane glass doors and low intensity LED interior lighting.

Can Aromatherapy products be used in a Steam Bath?2022-01-28T13:10:10-05:00

Yes, steam baths are an excellent environment to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Fragrance oils enhance the steam bathing experience and provide additional relief when suffering from a cold or when your respiratory system is congested


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