The next generation in specialty cooling systems. The SC Series embodies the latest and greatest system design technologies in an all-new housing design. Developed upon feedback directly from customers and installers, the unit incorporates a variety of high end componentry at an affordable price point. The SC Series is a direct replacement for one of the most well known cellar cooling units, the XLT. Just like the series it replaces, the units come in 5 models that effectively cool a 300 to 2000 cu. ft. properly insulated environment. Designed for simple through-the-wall installation, the unit fits between standard wall studs and a single piece mounting bracket eliminates the need for a support shelf. The SC has a 30°F temperature differential. In order to keep your cellar at 55°F, the area the unit exhausts into should not exceed 85°F. This makes interior installation ideal for SC series units.

Model: 3000i
Cellar Size: 650 cu. ft. (Properly Insulated Cellar)
dBA: Evaporator side: 61 Decibels
dBA: Condenser side: 61 Decibels
Dimensions: 14.25″ W x 15.75″ H x 17.5″ D
Weight: 67
AMPS (starting/running): 32/4.9
Installation: Through-the-Wall
Thermostat: Advanced Digital Controller
Outside Venting: Not Recommended
Replaces: XLT 3000
Compliance: ETL Listed