Harvia Virta sauna heater are designed to make the sauna bath magnificent for all senses. These heaters are perfect for regular and large family saunas. Due to their strong construction and exceptionally easy service, they are well suited for frequent use and long, relaxing baths. The Harvia Virta heater is a strong but gentle heat source for traditional sauna experiences.

The Harvia Virta heaters are easy to install – all connections are accessible through the service hatch in the front. Connecting points have plenty of space around them. The heating elements are separated from stones, which results in long heating element life span, and if they must be replaced, it is a quick and easy task. Also other service operations have been considered from the very beginning to make them simple and straightforward.

This package includes the Virta 11, Xenio Control with power unit, and 4 boxes of Havia stones.

Harvia Virta 11: 240V 1 PH, 10.5 KW, 43.75 AMPS