Harvia Virta Combi steel premium sauna heaters are perfect for regular and large family saunas. Due to their strong construction and exceptionally easy service, they are well suited for frequent use and long, relaxing baths.

A Combi heater is a combined electric heater and steamer that provide different sauna pleasures. You can select between a traditional Finnish sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or a fragrant sauna. A Combi heater is the correct choice for bathers who appreciate a soft and humid bath and an aromatic atmosphere.  The water tank holds 5 litres and is filled manually. The heater has a soapstone cup to hold liquid fragrances and a stainless steel grate for bagged aromatic fragrances. The Combi system is simple and reliable.  Includes Stones and Xenio CX30C-U1 Controls.

Harvia Virta Combi Steel 8.0KW, 240V-1PH, 34 AMPS

Heats 175 – 350 cu. ft.