Sauna Systems - FAQs

What is a sauna?

A sauna is a room made from softwood and incorporates an electric heater or a wood-burning heater capable of reaching ≥ 190° Fahrenheit.

What is the difference between a wet and dry sauna experience?

A wet sauna experience results when you pour water over the heater rocks, thus producing steam (humidity). A dry sauna is the absence of any humidity.

How are you supposed to take a sauna?

Traditionally, most saunas consist of a rotation cycle: dry, wet, dry, wet, etc., with cool downs in between cycles.

How is a traditional sauna experience different than an infrared experience?

Technically, an infrared experience is not a sauna. Infrared does not warm the room but does penetrate the body with infrared rays, helpful in relieving sore joints and muscles. Whereas, a wet/dry traditional sauna is a total body experience, providing joint and muscle relief as well as a host of other health benefits (see below).

Why is a traditional sauna experience considered good for your health?

The health benefits attributed to sauna usage include: improved circulation, lower blood pressure, enhanced immune system, respiratory relief, detoxification, burned calories, better skin tone, and joint and muscle pain relief.

What’s the difference between an electric and a wood-burning heater and which kind comes with my Baltic Leisure Sauna?

An electric heater is standard with every Baltic Leisure sauna. Wood-burning option are available for those who prefer this type of heater. A wood heater requires venting out the top or back of the room as well as an appropriate firewall around the heater.

What’s included with each sauna kit?

Baltic Leisure Pre-Cut sauna rooms come with everything you need for your sauna room: a heater, stones, a light, a bucket and ladle, and a thermometer. Optional accessories can be found in the Factory Store on our website.

How difficult is assembly?

All of the panel, ceiling, bench and end sections are pre-assembled at the factory, and all of the holes are pre-drilled for your convenience.  Generally two or three people can put a sauna together in a few hours.

How expensive is a sauna to operate?

Operational costs are negligible under normal use, much like the cost of a clothes dryer or electric oven.

How long will it take to heat up?

On average, a sauna will heat to 165F in 30-40 minutes and to 190F in less than 60.

What sort of electrical service is required?

Please refer to your installation manual.

What sort of ongoing maintenance is required?

To keep the inside clean, you should periodically scrub the floor or benches with a mild solution of water and baking soda.

How do I decide where to place my sauna?

A sauna can go almost anywhere it will fit, on almost any type of surface - concrete, tile, laminate, etc. We suggest avoiding placing it on carpet.

What is the warranty?

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Can you build me a custom sauna?

Yes, we build custom saunas for clients every day.