Traditional Saunas for Sale

Fundamentally, there are two types of saunas: Traditional and Infrared. A traditional sauna is done through heating a compartment of stones, which in turn radiate heat in the room. This system permits enhancing the humidity and steam levels in the room by pouring a ladle of water on the heated rocks. An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. These saunas are sometimes called far-infrared saunas where "far" describes where the infrared waves are located within the light spectrum.

Pre-Cut Saunas

Get the Traditional Sauna Experience in an easy to assemble sauna kit. Whether you are looking for a custom D.I Y. precut sauna in which the interior features custom lighting, thermometer, headrests and more and can be ordered in different levels of luxury. Our prefab/modular sauna rooms are constructed of quality solid real wood for durability and are manufactured in our U.S. facility. These pre-built sauna room kits easily assemble in just hours and come complete with detailed assembly instructions and diagrams.The best value option offered by Baltic Leisure is the Bronze Series.
Bronze Series Put-Cut Sauna
46 Basic Bronze series is an affordable solution for the sauna bather that is looking for a great value! This one to two person sauna comes with insulated modular wall and ceiling panels. It has an all glass door with a bronze tint that looks great inside and out. The walls and benches are made of a Northern spruce wood that has been used in saunas around the world for centuries.

When shopping on a budget, this sauna is a great value and at an affordable price! Buy the 46 Basic Bronze Sauna.


We offer the best sauna packages online and feature pre-cut saunas manufactured in the USA. Our Silver Series pre-cut sauna packages offer the best value AND luxury combination. The Silver Series is our best selling sauna kit. Bathers can opt for more luxury in our Gold Series and the Ultimate sauna experience with our Platinum Series.

Silver Series Put-Cut Sauna
Get the luxury where it counts. This sauna line is constructed out of Grade A, kiln-dried, clear select 1/2" x 4” tongue and groove cedar cut for interior walls and ceiling. Two (2) 1" x 4" style benches are designed with 20" depth for maximum comfort. cedar headrest, a pre-assembled cedar duck board for walk and more make this our best selling pre-cut package.